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About Us

All About Samsyn

What does SAMSYN stand for?

SAMSYN stands for SA Manufacturing synergy


What is SAMSYN?

SAMSYN is an online B2B Marketplace and Sourcing Portal for businesses within the South African Manufacturing Industry.

What we do at Samsyn?

We provide an online platform for local buyers and sellers to conveniently meet and communicate without infrastructural investments, start-up cost or changes to their current operations.

We provide businesses with the ability to increase their sales reach to a targeted market while expanding their own supplier base to support efficient and responsive supply chains.


What is the need for Online Presence in the Manufacturing Industry?

95% of buyers begin their sourcing journey by searching online for products and services.

The way buyers and sellers are connecting and doing business has evolved from traditional in-person meetings, conferences and tradeshows to digital communication and networking, especially with the coronavirus pandemic restrictions we are currently experiencing.

South African businesses need to adopt this global digital trend to meet their targeted market.

Currently only 19 % of B2B businesses within the South African manufacturing industry have an active digital presence that includes digital marketing. This is indicative of the invaluable opportunity for growth that exists with transitioning online.


Who we are?

Samsyn a B-BBEE level one, start-up company based in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal.

Our website officially launches in July 2021.

We are building this company on the concept of synergy for businesses, which is the interaction of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect that is more than the sum of their separate effects.

We know that the South African Manufacturing Industry is experiencing great difficulty increasing the demand for manufactured products due to several reasons, the primary factor being international competition.

For long term growth and sustainability, the local industry needs to make a collective and collaborative effort to increase the competitiveness of locally manufactured products with efficient and responsive supply chains.

Samsyn is providing that digital platform for businesses to connect, communicate, network, innovate and grow.

 Our Mission

To increase the demand for South African products by facilitating a digitally integrated, local manufacturing network to support efficient and productive supply chains.


Our Values

●       Synergy: interact, communicate, support, and grow together.

●       Efficiency: Doing better, Faster, simpler

●       Innovation: Think Big, Be bold, Be Creative, Be Inspired.

●       Integrity: Honesty, Forthright and Commitment

●       Customer focus: Delight customers in every interaction.

Samsyn uses Amazon AWS technology to provide an industry wide solution to online trading. We provide a B2B marketplace that acts as an online mall in which businesses create individual online stores, using existing resources in terms of skills requirements with zero start-up investment and no operational changes.

SA businesses pay an individually tailored monthly subscription based on the volume of listings which can be subsidized by an affiliate program. 
Businesses use on-platform software, to increase the visibility and accessibility of each of their products and services to a targeted market, enabling opportunities for increased revenue, while sourcing competitive supply to reduce costs.

South African businesses are experiencing unprecedented challenges with the Coronavirus pandemic, social unrest, unpredictable economic markets, and decreased demand due to increased global competitivity and industry 4.0 progress. The longevity of the manufacturing sector has a significant impact on the economy and socio-economic progress.
South Africa is years behind the industry 4.0 progress currently happening around the world at an accelerated pace. To secure the future of manufacturing in South Africa, it requires immediately available and practical tools that will help bridge the gap in global Industry 4.0 progress, not just for individual businesses but entire industry as a collective.
"A supply chain is only as competitive as its least competitive supplier”

The streamlining of both the sales and procurement process for each business will facilitate increased efficiency and productivity that have an almost immediate effect on the competitivity of products and services.
Samsyn’s target market is Suppliers of Raw Materials, Components & Accessories, Wholesalers/Retailers, Tools/Equipment/Machines, Manufacturers, Manufacturing Support Services, Professional Services, Financial Services.
This increased network visibility and connectivity on SAMSYN will be used to stimulate a creative mindset where the focus shifts to System Integration through Supplier Development and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Benchmarking and tenacity to seek opportunities for collaboration and innovation, growing a culture of adaptability and resilience that is supported by synergy in manufacturing.
This is imperative for the creating opportunities for sustainability and growth of each business and a combined net effect on entire supply chains. The net effect thereby increasing the global competitivity that ultimately builds and attract investment for Industry 4.0 progress such as Automation & System Integration, Cloud and Big Data Analytics, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technology.
South Africa has an abundance of natural resources and untapped potential we can capitalize on by working in SYNERGY to bridge the gap in global competitiveness.